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Emcee and musicians announced!


The most common question KGW-TV Sunrise anchor #AshleyKorslien gets asked: “What time do you wake up?” Answer: “2 a.m. Yuck!” We’re ecstatic that Ashley agreed to emcee our event. She’s mom to twins and she and her husband have three dogs and are fixing up an old farmhouse in Clark County. We’re so happy to have her energy moving our day-long event along!

We’re also thrilled to announce our current lineup of musicians:

Nikole Potulsky
Portland, OR
Andrea Pearson
Nashville, TN
Suzanne Buirgy 
Venice, CA
Susan LeMaster
Carnegie Hall, NYC
Amber Sweeney
Battleground, WA
Jill Knight
Cambria, CA
Ashley Korslien
Portland, OR
Becky Archibald
Opening Blessing
Vancouver, WA
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