Amber Sweeney

One of our Washington State voices against violence is singer and songwriter Amber Sweeney – we are thrilled she will be at Women’s Festival 2020

Amber’s story: There have only ever been two constants in my life: Jesus and music. As a teenager, I felt lost and confused following my parents divorce. Not long after that, I felt abandoned when my dad suddenly disappeared from my life, and my mom was struggling to keep her head above water. During that time, I lost all of my safe places – my church, my family, my friends. I felt that I simply didn’t belong anywhere, and I couldn’t find the words to articulate what was happening inside of me. Even when I did, no one was listening. I would lock myself in my room and play my guitar for hours. It was the only time I felt safe. I started to write songs, thinking I was the only one feeling the way I did about the world. One day I started sharing these songs, and to my surprise, people started listening. I had found my voice, and others were quick to tell me they felt the same way I did. I suddenly realized I wasn’t alone.

Over the years, I’ve been able to travel all over the US, sharing my stories, and hearing the stories of others. As friendships have been built and broken, stages have gone from big to small, and tragedy has struck, I’ve been able to turn back to Jesus, lock myself in my room with my guitar, and find my voice once again. Now, instead of writing about the pain and struggles we all face, I find that I’m writing about what I wished my life was like; what I want my life to be like; what I know it can be like.

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