Andrea Pearson

Andrea Pearson is a creative force of nature.  Whether she’s putting the final strokes on a commissioned watercolor painting, restoring an 18th century French armoire, fostering an orphaned litter of rambunctious Great Pyrenees puppies or recording background vocals for the likes of country legend Reba McEntire, she is constantly moving through this world with a relentless determination and a fearless spirit.  Writing, recording, painting or performing, she’s a sensitive interpreter of the human condition.  She writes honestly about her own journey, and in doing so she creates an engaging and often cathartic experience for her listeners.  One tied to the fundamental understanding that we all share the same joys, fears, desires, challenges, victories and losses in this life.  Listen to Andrea’s voice and you’ll encounter a certain joie de vivre (joy for life).  She sings with an uncommonly compelling intimacy and a formidable agility.  She’ll make you cry and she’ll make you laugh. She’ll make you feel and she’ll make you a part of the story.  Andrea is the real deal, a truly authentic artist.  But don’t take our word for it… take a listen… you’ll hear it in her music, see it in her videos, read it in her lyrics and you’ll feel it in your gut.  Chances are you’ll come away changed… at the very least, a little more connected with your own sense of joy for life.

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