Anjela Ford-Glueckert

Workshop – Creating CommUNITY support for Women of Color

Anjela Ford-Glueckert is the blissful mama and Owner/CEO of

From her work as a former Women of Color Program Coordinator with OCADSV to Front End Manager at New Seasons Market, Anjela’s background in crisis intervention and management, only amplify her leadership skills. And when the words just won’t come, Anjela relies on her heart-language, American Sign Language to help her connect to and convey her own healing truth. Anjela is humbled by her connection to the Deaf Community and enjoys sharing this beautiful language and culture through her online trainings and live group presentations.

And to help other mamas remember the “Me before Mama”, Anjela has embarked on the quest to get mothers to SLOW DOWN. Yet above it all, Anjela’s biggest teachers are her own children Billie Kat and Jalen, and their assistant, Anjela’s wife Jane.

Anjela invites you to join her online at As well Anjela offers dynamic keynote presentations on a variety of subjects, including Mama Overwhelm Relief, Teen Bullying Awareness & Prevention, and Vicarious Trauma Relief for Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Service Providers.

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