Brenda Tracy

Registered Nurse, Rape Survivor, Activist

Brenda Tracy is a nurse, mother, activist, and survivor. In 1998, she reported to police that she was brutally raped by four men, two of whom played football at Oregon State University. In 2014, Tracy found the courage to come forward with her story and now seeks to make the world a better place for survivors. Ms.Tracy has worked closely with Oregon legislators to expand victims’ rights and has successfully helped to pass seven laws over three sessions, including extending the Oregon statute of limitations to prosecute rape and mandatory testing of all rape kits in Oregon.

Ms.Tracy has won numerous awards and was named ESPNs 2016 top 25 women. She sits on the NCAA Committee to Combat Sexual Violence and is a frequent guest commentator on ESPN. Ms. Tracy is the founder of the national campaign #SetTheExpectation and she travels the country speaking to university students, athletes, and nonprofit organizations.

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