Sophia Treyger

Sophia Treyger, Radical Pleasurist™, coaches & teaches women to conquer their fear of INTIMACY through her unique body-centered coaching programs. What she doesn’t do: sell sex toys or teach you how to have sex. She takes you much deeper.  She empowers women to BE 100% themselves so that they can easily attract genuine, loving, enriching, and uplifting relationships into their lives. Sophia has an extensive background in couples/sex therapy, as a yoga instructor and energy healer, and as a community organizer. She founded the Intimate Sisterhood and Women’s Intimacy Soirée – on and offline communities where women shed shame, judgment, competition and instead experience vulnerability, love, support, and intimacy with each other. Her mission is to shift women into positive, hopeful, optimistic, and love mindsets by inspiring vulnerability & triggering actions that encourage women to stretch and transcend beyond boundaries, edges, and comfort zones.
Roundtable topic: The Feminine Embodied: A practice to get you out of your head
Sophia will take you on a sensual journey that will slow you down, bring you out of your heads and into your bodies. She’ll help you practice being in the present moment and enlivening all of your senses. There will be time for discussion on how to apply this practice in your most intimate relationships. Sure to be fun and enlightening!