Ruth Brennan

Ruth Brennan is the owner of Flux Creative Agency and leads the Professional Development Program for the BG5 Business Institute, an international online school. She’s the creative architect and designer of all that you see on the website, as well as in its various visual tools and publications. She has 30 plus years of experience in Graphic and Web Design, Branding, Communications and Marketing. Ruth was also a pioneer in HTML coding, and transitioning art departments from traditional to electronic publishing. She specializes in helping Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses find their unique brand and voice, and communicate their message using graphics, words, audio and video. In 2008-09 she was the co-host of a podcast series entitled, Small Business Big Money, that addressed marketing and advertising issues for individuals and businesses without an in-house marketing or advertising department.

“I’m passionate about putting a spotlight on people’s hopes and dreams for success in the business world. I believe BG5™ is an amazing tool to help people, especially young people, in their careers and business align with their uniqueness … and become successful, satisfied, peaceful or even surprised at what their special talents and gifts contribute to the world … to embrace who they are and not what they think they should be. That’s when their genius can come shining through.”

Ruth has been a student of the Human Design system for many years, is a Certified Living Your Design Guide, and as is in her final semester of training to receive her BG5 Career & Business Consultant Certification (the Business Application for the Human Design system). She’s a life-long student of the creative arts, including recording 2 children’s music albums with The Dreamweavers and performing in multiple stage and screen productions in New York and around the US. Ruth is the playwright of 5 Murder Mysteries … her production company produced and directed these shows in the New York Metropolitan area in the 1990s, Ruth has lived in Germany, across the US, including Alaska, and currently resides in SW Washington with her dog Lester.