Kelly McNelis

Kelly McNelis is the founder and creator of Women for One, a destination for women ready and willing to make life happen. She travels the world as a speaker, teacher, and facilitator of workshops, helping others tap into lives powered by truth. It seems simple, doesn’t it — telling the truth? Well, in a world ready to judge at the bat of an eyelash, it’s sometimes a lot easier to create stories that keep us safe. But safety keeps us stalled while the truth makes us nimble, powerful, and creative. She is dedicated to truthtelling to help curious people in search of more to find inspiration in themselves and then share their stories with the world.

Why? Because through sharing, we find inspiration and community, and can create action that makes a brighter tomorrow.

With over 20 years experience as a nonprofit and small business consultant, she is excited to be the founder of  Women for One, an organization empowering generations of women around the world to build relationships, community, and the support structure they need to achieve their wildest dreams. Her first book, The Messy Truth, a set of seven simple but powerful tools that help you dive into your truth and discover your messy brilliance, is due out in spring 2018 through Enrealment Press. She finds daily inspiration in spending time with her husband and children in her home outside of Seattle.

Speech topic: Embrace Your Voice and Make Life Happen

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