Dawn Hartwell

Dawn Hartwell is an International Speaker, Digital Marketing Strategist and Partner at Strategic Business Clinic. She specializes in social media education, digital marketing, and digital graphics.

With over 27 years of marketing and business management, her passion fully thrives when she is helping others and providing business education at monthly Business Clinics.

During Dawn’s corporate career, she was responsible for corporate training, marketing, and event planning. She then became an entrepreneur and started her own private marketing consultant business.

Dawn continues to build her business model based on the ongoing changes in the social media platforms. Specializing in educating and Marketing Consulting, she and business partner, Chérie, created a Business Community of professionals with ethics, knowledge, and reciprocity.

The Strategic Business Community has developed into much more than expected. With a membership-based business model, the online training included business development, digital marketing coaching, accountability calls, resources and a true support system.

No matter what business you’re in, the value of having an effective plan for your digital marketing as well as business development is priceless. The best investment of for your business is investing in yourself. ” D. Hartwell

  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • International Speaker
  • Social Media Educator
  • Community Manager of Strategic Business Community
  • Promo Republic Ambassador
  • Life Time Member of Chicks Connect
  • Chicks Connect Chick of the Year 2017
  • eWomenNetwork Portland Leadership Team
  • eWomenNetwork 2x MatchMaker