Our Pebble Rebel Nominees

The Pebble Rebel Award

And the winner is…drumroll…

Lynette Johnson at Soulumination.org.

Accepting on her behalf at the Festival March 11, 2017…

Kelly McNelis read an incredibly moving note, which had our attendees in tears and introduced one of Lynette’s photo recipients who accepted the award on her behalf.

Here were the amazing nominees:

Our nominees are:

Madena Parsley casasana.org

Julie Gillis www.juliegillis.com

Linda Smith www.sharedhope.org

Lori Gregory rojothellama.com

Eileen Cowen https://www.facebook.com/blanketbrigadeVanWA/

Suzen Tattoozen-Tanton whiteakertattoo.com/transformation-ink/

Lynette Johnson www.soulumination.org 

Lisa Moon Brum connecttosuccesspdx.com

Janet Kevan akindhumanco.com

Tammy Leibfarb simplythymecatering.com

Janai Mestrovich grandmaboom.com

Bobbie Sue Wilson Nursing

Leslie Ann Akin www.lakeoswegographics.com

Emily Guerrero cleanlivingconsulting.com/

Megan Graves arrowdynamiclifecoaching.com

We’ll announce the winner at the International Women’s Festival on Saturday, March 11 at Clark College Gaiser Hall. Please come and support these wonderful women.

The Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest is proud to recognize and honor women who are making a positive difference in their community by awarding the Pebble Rebel Award.

A Pebble Rebel is a Pacific Northwest woman who has one or more of the following traits: 

  • Has shown exemplary spunk, fortitude, exuberance, compassion, or creativity
  • Is taking action in her sphere of influence to
    motivate, inspire, encourage, or empower others
  • Takes her fierce individual spirit and applies it in her community to stimulate a wave of positive good
  • Is a courageous advocate for creating circumstances in which people can thrive through any obstacle
  • Lets her unique light shine to illuminate the path for
  • Has a deep commitment to service
  • Is creating a ripple effect in their efforts throughout the community
Who is eligible? 

A Pebble Rebel can be a woman educator, entrepreneur, activist, artist, grandmother, student or community gardener.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest and has made an impact beyond her location!