Pebble Rebel Nominees for 2018

The Pebble Rebel Award Nominees 2018

celebrateThe Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest is proud to recognize and honor women who are making a positive difference in their community by awarding the Pebble Rebel Award.

A Pebble Rebel is a Pacific Northwest woman who has one or more of the following traits: 

  • Has shown exemplary spunk, fortitude, exuberance, compassion, or creativity
  • Is taking action in her sphere of influence to
    motivate, inspire, encourage, or empower others
  • Takes her fierce individual spirit and applies it in her community to stimulate a wave of positive good
  • Is a courageous advocate for creating circumstances in which people can thrive through any obstacle
  • Lets her unique light shine to illuminate the path for
  • Has a deep commitment to service
  • Is creating a ripple effect in their efforts throughout the community

The recipient of the Pebble Rebel Award 2018 will be announced during the Festival on Saturday. All nominees will be reviewed by the Award’s Committee and each nominee will be acknowledged at the event. For questions, please contact Brecia at

Elizabeth Candello
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
Elizabeth Candello (Ph.D., Arizona State University) is a clinical assistant professor at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication in Vancouver, WA.
Kimberly Berry
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
As someone who has been personally impacted by mental illness in a loved one, she understood the depth of the isolation families can feel when navigating a mental health crisis.
Aria Leighty
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
Aria Leighty and MOB are working on opening national chapters in Nevada, California and Hawaii. 
Erika Laws
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
Erika is the President/Founder of Impactful People NW and has served on the boards of Evergreen School District Foundation, East Vancouver Business Association, and currently serves on the board of A Caring Closet.
Tamara Leibfarth
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
Chef Tamara of Simply Thyme Catering is conscious of ways to contribute to her community by supporting local community projects with good will.
Dawn Hartwell
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
Dawn Hartwell is an International Speaker, Digital Marketing Strategist and Partner at Strategic Business Clinic. She specializes in social media education, digital marketing, and digital graphics. 
Rene Steelman
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
Having a severely disabled child has given Rene's entire family a clear perspective on what life is all about. Her youngest son, TJ, had a difficult beginning resulting in brain damage. She thinks of their foundation as a way to pay it forward.
June Vining
Pebble Rebel Nominee 2018
June has spent the last 25+ years with TIP – Trauma Intervention Program of Portland/Vancouver, Inc.  This is sensitive, personal work and it does not feel like a “job” to her – it feels like what she is supposed to be doing.