Guest Speakers

The Women’s Festival Fab Females!

We’ve hand-picked these brilliant (and engaging) powerhouse speakers with fascinating stories to share that will leave you inspired and a new perspective to take into your life.

Kelly McNelis
Kelly McNelis is a best-selling author and the founder and creator of Women for One, a destination for women ready and willing to make life happen. She travels the world as a speaker, teacher, and facilitator of workshops, helping others tap into lives powered by truth.
Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle
Welcome Message
In November 2017, Anne McEnerny-Ogle was elected to a four-year term as Mayor.  Anne served on City Council from January 2014 through December 2017. She was also Vancouver's Mayor Pro Tem from January 2016 through December 2017.
Brecia Kralovic-Logan
Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a passionate champion of creativity whose latest project is Women's Woven Voices - a collaborative weaving that will be a visual representation of women’s lives from around the world and a catalyst for collaborating on solutions to the challenging issues that women face globally.
Meghan Hamilton
Meghan is the Founder and visionary behind GLAMbeauty bar, where her mantra, “Don’t Quit your Daydream” is realized day in and day out.  After working in salons and spas all over Southern California, she decided she wanted to open her own dream business, her way:  a non-traditional salon (no cut or color), where #GLAM meant you could be whomever you wanted to be and customer service was ALWAYS top priority.
Reema Zaman
Reema Zaman is an award-winning writer, speaker, sexual assault survivor and recovery coach. Born in Bangladesh, raised in Thailand, and presently residing in Oregon, she holds a double BA in Gender Studies and Theater from Skidmore College. A winning recipient of the prestigious Oregon Literary Arts Award 2018, Reema is the author of the forthcoming memoir I Am Yours (April 2019).
Dr. Carol Parker Walsh
Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is the founder and owner of Evolve Image Consulting and is an award-winning and sought-after author, speaker, trainer, and certified image professional specializing in developing strategies for individuals to hold a positive personal and professional self-image.
Erika Worth
Erika Worth is the Executive Director and Curator of ROAR and Girls ROAR. Since she could walk and talk, she's been performing as an actress, poet, performance artist, motivational speaker, and storyteller. She is passionate about empowering women and girls, creating opportunities for others, and inspiring people to overcome obstacles.
Nikole Potulsky
Nikole Potulsky grew up in small towns, at the kitchen tables of working women who taught her to read cards, listen for deeper meaning, make her own money, and never back down. She connects their stories of rebellion and resistance to her own, and raises up parallel stories of resilience.
Becky Archibald
Opening Ceremony
Becky is a Shoshone-Bannock Tribal member and a long standing community and diversity advocate.. She has been a Woman of Achievement Honoree, MacWilliams Evergreen Award, Val Joshua Racial Justice Award recipient  among others. Her current involvement includes WSU and Clark College  Diversity & Equity Committees, the Police Chief's Diversity Advisory Team.
Natalie Brand
Saturday Emcee
Natalie Brand is an Emmy-award winning political reporter with KING 5, covering national, state and local politics and policy. Over the past several months, she’s taken a special interest in reporting on the MeToo movement and its impact on government and the workplace. In addition to reporting, Natalie serves as a board member and media chair for the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation.
Brenda Tracy
Keynote Speaker Friday Evening
Brenda Tracy is a nurse, mother, activist, and survivor. In 1998, she reported to police that she was brutally raped by four men, two of whom played football at Oregon State University. In 2014, Tracy found the courage to come forward with her story and now seeks to make the world a better place for survivors. 
Ruth Brennan
Friday Evening Emcee
Ruth Brennan is a Playwright, Actor, Professional Presenter and life-long student of ancient wisdom and the creative arts. Her company Embrace Flux ( blends ancient wisdom, modern science and her life-long passion for web and graphic design into magic for her clients. 
Anjela Ford-Glueckert
Break Out Session
From her work as a former Women of Color Program Coordinator with OCADSV to Front End Manager at New Seasons Market, Anjela’s background in crisis intervention and management, only amplify her leadership skills. And when the words just won’t come, Anjela relies on her heart-language, American Sign Language to help her connect to and convey her own healing truth.