Art Event Submissions


Deadline is September 1, 2017.
We’ll contact you after that time.

Please upload your art to a cloud storage service (i.e., free services like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and provide your link to your file below.


Please provide us a background file and a complete work of art in tif format or pdf.
If you have an ai (Adobe Illustrator) file, all the better!

File resolution should be 300 dpi at least.
Size at 8×10 at least.

Sample Art Process

Now, you don’t have to do it this way, this is how April Sunset did the art for 2017.

Use whatever media you like (collage, paint, whatever)! April used watercolor, colored pencil, ink and spray dye.
She drew the background pattern, scanned it then laid it over the spray dyed background. Then she used watercolors to draw the face and butterly, colored pencils for the “veins,” and finally black ink for the details. That was scanned at a high resolution and clipped out to lay over the background.

She added “glittery sparkles” (because it’s always better with glitter) with computer to signify air to send off Mother Nature’s little baby into the world.

Stay tuned! We’re cooking up the perfect theme to inspire your art! Check back by March 14th to get started creating your masterpiece!