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When founding mother, Patty DeDominic, first conceived The International Women’s Festival in 2009 in Santa Barbara, California, little did she know it would go viral. You just have to go to one to be hooked! The event has been so successful and enjoyable, that women around the globe are joining in on the fun, hosting their own Women’s Festival in their neck of the woods. Our efforts have resulted in Women’s Festivals in Arizona, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Shanghai, Toronto, Pacific Northwest (that’s us!) and upcoming events in other global venues!

Patty’s sole purpose for this event was to connect women with the tools and resources they needed to flourish and prosper in all aspects of their busy lives, giving them a sense of empowerment. Brecia Kralovic-Logan was a volunteer in Santa Barbara’s Women’s Festival and thought it would be a fun event to bring with her to her new home in the Pacific Northwest. We brought our own “Keep-Portland-Weird” vibe to it and have added our own flair to it with a shiny, new website and branding package. It fits right in with the local scene.

Be careful, Women’s Festival fever is contagious! In fact, have you caught the bug? Start your own festival! Read more here.

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Meet the Team

Brecia Kralovic-Logan
Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a passionate champion of creativity whose latest project is Women's Woven Voices - a collaborative weaving that will be a visual representation of women’s lives from around the world and a catalyst for collaborating on solutions to the challenging issues that women face globally.
Ruth Brennan
Friday Evening Emcee
Ruth Brennan is a Playwright, Actor, Professional Presenter and life-long student of ancient wisdom and the creative arts. Her company Embrace Flux (embraceflux.com) blends ancient wisdom, modern science and her life-long passion for web and graphic design into magic for her clients. 
Demetria Edwards
Program Assistant
Sue Green
Non Profit Coordinator/Sponsor
Beyoutiful Portraits
A BIG thank you to Edina Clagett at Beyoutiful portraits for being our photographer at the 2017 International Women's Festival Pacific Northwest and taking our team of lovelies helping support this event.